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Nomadland 2020

Following in the footsteps of a 60 year old lady, who, having lost everything in the Great Economy, embarks on a journey through West America, living like a modern nomadic man living in a car.
Authors of Chlo Zhao:
Jessica Bruder (book), Chloe Zhao (screenplay) Stars:
Francis McDormand, Gay Forest, Patricia Grier After the economic collapse of a small town in rural Nevada, Fern (Francis McDormand) closes his car and embarks on a journey, exploring life outside traditional society as a modern migrant. Chloe Zhao’s third film, NOMADLAND, features real immigrants Linda Mae, Swanky and Bob Wells as Fern’s mentors and comrades on their exploration of the great landscape of West America.

The modern West is dominated by real “anyone’s land” areas on the Texas-Mexico border. While patrolling the border between father and son, Jackson accidentally kills a young Mexican immigrant. …
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Conor Allin authors:
Jake Ellin, David Barraza (co-author) Star:
Frank Grillo, Andy McDowell, George Lopez in the modern West dominated by the real “no-man’s land” on the Texas-Mexico border. During the patrol, Jackson accidentally kills a young Mexican immigrant. When Jackson’s father tries to blame, Jackson flees on a horse to the south, becoming an “illegal immigrant” in Mexico. Pursued by the Texas Ranger and Mexican churches, Jackson travels to Mexico to apologize to the father of a dead boy for loving the land he learned to hate.

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