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Road Rash

High-speed bicycle In the 1990s, six different ports were released on gaming platforms. This version is a computer port that has a realistic image at the time. It has simple racing engines where the motorcycle sits on the same horizontal axis while you turn left or right. Physics affects how a motorcycle moves through sharp turns, bumps, hills and uneven terrain, so that players can use the area to start long distances or end up in an accident. Every athlete, like an athlete, has a power outage and running out of power causes a wipeout. Players can injure rival drivers, but care must be taken not to hit the attack. They can steal weapons by beating or beating rivals, some of them cattle, chains, clubs, rods, nunchaku and pipes. Police would also try to arrest athletes in the background. Everyone affected by the police is lost and the journey ends for them. By completing the competition, players can purchase new upgrades or motorcycles.

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