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Govt. College of Technology Rawalpindi

Government College of Technology (GCT) Rawalpindi is one among reputed technical institutes imparting finest quality education.The evolution of the institute over the past two years has witnessed strong blend of state-of-the-art infrastructure and intricately intertwined human resource committed to provide professional education with thrust on creativity and innovation.Life is a set of problems. An engineer has to solve problems in their domain areas with strong innovative ideas with scientific knowledge. Your commitment to become an associate engineer by devoting three year academic journey in G.C.T will be fruitful and enjoyable in every aspect and the experience you gain from here and the moments you spend here will be cherished by you throughout your life. We need the support of our grand alumni, other stakeholders and well-wishers from various frontiers to transform this college into learning institution with practices for innovations

Principal Message

I would like to start with TEVTA mission statement:
I and my team at Government College of Technology are committed to provide excellence in all educational activities being undertaken in this college.We believe government run technical institutions define standards for other institutes to follow; and that that is the level we work very hard, every day, to achieve and maintain.



Engr. Muhammad Mustafa Masud

Online Video Lecture

Degree Program

Make Future Bright

Auto & Diesel Technology

An Auto and Diesel innovation confirmation program will pervade you with the aptitudes and experience you should be an effective Problem Solving

Civil Technology

This course is a cross section of topics in contemporary civil engineering disciplines, with emphasis on the tools of engineering problem solving.

Electrical Technology

Within this unit students will learn about defining electrical theory, electrical power generation, electrical charge and current,Like electrical engineering,

HVACR Technology

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVACR)
is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort, HVACR is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering.


Well ‘programme intended to develop high quality information technology manpower to meet the needs of industry and educational institutions as well as prepare.


This course is intended to furnish understudies proficient capabilities and outfit with aptitudes set that empowers them, how to choose, introduce, setup.